Reading Room

Our Reading Room is both a bookstore and a quiet place for study and prayer, where everyone is welcome. Here you can read or buy the Bible and all the books by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. You can also read and listen to more than 100 years of articles, testimonies, and recordings that give first-hand accounts of physical and moral healing through prayer. Our study room includes Bible reference books and biographies of Mary Baker Eddy.

Copies of Science and Health are available for sale. To learn more about the author of Science and Health, the Reading Room stocks a variety of biographies about Mary Baker Eddy’s remarkable life and accomplishments.   

The Reading Room also sells weekly and monthly publications focused on finding spiritual solutions to everyday problems, where accounts of individual healing can always be found.  On-line versions, of these magazines are available at

For thoughtful insight into national and world issues, new issues of The Christian Science Monitor, a Pulitzer-prize winning news magazine, are for sale at the Reading Room each week.

Call or email with questions, or for more information:  214-352-5250 or

Wondering what a Christian Science Reading Room is? Check out this video for more!