Bible Study

The discussion groups are very inspiring! As with most endeavors, satisfaction comes from our individual preparation and study and results in a joy to share our insights with one another. This group has pre-reading assignments and send reminders via email.


Monthly Friday Night Bible Study

Discussions will move along using questions to ponder and reflect upon, as well

as hands – on tasks found in Bible Study Seminars workbook,

Proverbs: The Book of Wisdom and the Art of Successful Living


Goals stated in the workbook include

•Discover and characterize the universal process of wisdom and its importance in both teaching and learning.

•Feel God’s love for humanity expressed through obedience to ethical and moral ideas.

•Become acquainted with the idea of wisdom as related to the Christ idea.

•Deepen your awareness of the moment-to-moment choices between “Lady Wisdom” and “Madame Folly”.

•Have fun with the parallel proverbs, acrostic poems and perplexing riddles.

Once a month

6:30 – 7:30  Food and Fellowship

7:30 – 9:30 Discussion and Discovery

Place: 2124 Shumard Oak Ln, Irving 75063

This is a great way to get to know each other  and the Bible better.  We hope you will join us. For more information about the group and on how to obtain the workbook contact Nadine Givens (972-670-0283 )

To sign up call or email the Clerk 214.526.7783